Privacy Policy

1 – Our beliefs on user data

  • Privacy and data protection are both human rights
  • Data is a liability, which means it should only be taken and processed when absolutely required
  • We hate spam, we never send it
  • We will never sell or distribute your personal information. It will never be made public.

2 – Information that this website collects, and why it is collected

This website collects personal information, it is used for:

User visit tracking

This website is linked to Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics to track user interaction. We use this data to understand what our users are doing on the website, and to see how they progress through the website.

Google Analytics tracks geographical location, device, internet browser and operating system, however none of this information personally identifies you to us, and we can never actually see who you are.

In both cases of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Google is considered to be a third party data processor.

3 – Contact Forms

You may decide to contact us or book with us using the contact form on our contact page. No data supplied is stored by the website or ever passed to third party data processors. 100% of the data is compiled into an email and sent via SMTP to ourselves. The SMTP servers are protected by SSL and the content within is encrypted using 256-bit encryption.

All contact forms and booking forms within our website will ask you to confirm if you agree with our privacy policy prior to submitting.

4 – Website Server

This website is hosted on a VPS owned by Heart Internet.

Heart Internet is a web hosting company based in Nottingham, England selling domain names, shared hosting, reseller hosting and servers. It has been a subsidiary of UK based hosting and domain registration company Host Europe Group since 2011. Heart Internet is the fifth largest web-host in the UK.

We use Heart Internet due to their state-of-the-art data centres boasting some of the best security in the industry. Servers are maintained by experts in a maximum security facility and servers are all encrypted to the highest level.

5 – Third-party Data Processors

As specified in section 2, some data needs to be stored with third parties.

Currently our third party data processors are:

Our third party data processors are based in the USA and are EU-U.S Privacy Shield compliant.

6 – Data Breaches

We shall report any unlawful data breaches of this website’s database or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors to any and all relevant people and authorities within 72 hours of the breach happening, if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

7 – Data Controller

The data controller for this website is

Booth’s Tyre and Auto Services Ltd (Company number 10747994)

Unit 4,

Broadhurst Lane,



CW12 1LA

8 – Data Protection Officer

The data protection officer for this website is

Mrs Charlotte Booth

Director, Booth’s Tyre and Auto Services Ltd.

Telephone: 01260 275558


Unit 4,

Broadhurst Lane,



CW12 1LA

9 – Privacy Policy Changes

This privacy policy may change at any point to comply with new regulations. We will not inform our clients of any changes, but will instead list below any changes to this privacy policy and the data of those changes.