It is vital to get your car serviced regularly. Servicing is a series of checks and routine maintenance carried out by a mechanical technician, to ensure your long-term safety and the reliability of your vehicle. We have two MOT technicians at Booth’s Tyre and Auto Services. Both of our testers have over 20 years’ experience testing all makes and models of vehicles from high performance cars to classics! Whilst your vehicle is with us, we treat it as our own; ensuring that great care is taken. All of the services we conduct offer the following:

  • Inspect the engine for oil leaks and inspect/change oil and filter.
  • Inspect and top up anti-freeze as required
  • Inspect battery charge and terminals
  • Check horn
  • Check power steering & top up reservoir, steering components for wear/corrosion as well as the condition of steering rack gaiters
  • Check windscreen washers and wipers, top up windscreen fluid and check for chips/ cracks
  • Inspect mirrors and number plate
  • Inspect exhaust system & catalysts
  • Check brake pads for wear or damage, test/report brake fluid boiling point, as well as brake fluid & replacement schedule. We also check your ABS warning light.
  • Check tyre tread depth, pressure and general condition including your spare, if you have one.
  • We then road test, reset vehicle service light if appropriate and stamp your logbook
  • If the vehicle requires anything else within its manufacturers service schedule then this was also be completed.

We also offer additions to the service, for example, check and renew a pollen filter or check & top up transmission/gearbox fluid. These additional checks will be as and when required after discussion with the customer. We charge from £99.00 for servicing depending upon the make and model of your vehicle.

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